he loves spending your money on digital advertising.
Once upon a time in Winnipeg...
The following is a true story. Actual campaign Successes & Failures are displayed below. Names have been changed to protect identities.
Meet Fred
A small business owner


We need to get on this digital advertising bandwagon! I just don’t want to hire an agency to do it.”

...This is the DIY era.
I just renovated my own kitchen without a contractor… So, we can do this ourselves too!
"Hey Timmy!
You’re always on those Facebooks and the twitters… Can you do this advertising thing for us?”

2 Days Later

"Hey Timmy...
It seems like you’re spending a lot online… Are we getting good results?”

1 Week Later

"Timmy... I NEED To See Those Results...
Let me see the advertising reports
Ummm... Timmy?
wtf timmy?!?!?

Don't Get Burned.

Yes, you can fix your own car, build your own kitchen, perform your own surgery etc… But should you?

Expertise = Results.

Digital advertising doesn’t have to be complicated. If you have something to sell, then you have to be loud.

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