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Loudspace was enlisted by Singletons Hair Care to bring their booking campaign to life in Winnipeg with a comprehensive and creative marketing approach. Our mission was to craft a suite of campaign materials that not only announced the launch but did so with flair and innovation. At the forefront of our strategy was the development of a vibrant new brand identity, designed to capture the essence of Singletons Hair Care and resonate with the Winnipeg audience.

Central to the campaign was the creation of an interactive landing page. This digital cornerstone was designed not just for information dissemination but to actively engage visitors, encouraging them to explore Singletons' offerings and ultimately, to book appointments. The landing page served as a hub, connecting potential clients with Singletons Hair Care in an immersive and user-friendly manner.

To complement the digital experience and amplify the campaign's reach, we produced a series of dynamic animated stories. These were specifically tailored for social media advertising, leveraging the platforms' vast audiences and the engaging nature of animated content. Through these stories, we were able to convey the brand's message in a compelling and visually appealing way, sparking interest and interaction among the target demographic.

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