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For RE/MAX Performance, the goal was to execute a rebranding and develop a potent go-to-market strategy that not only showcased their agents in the most favorable light but also attracted new talent to their brokerage. At the outset, the brokerage lacked a dedicated website, a critical component in today's digital-first real estate market. Our first step was to craft a bespoke brand strategy. This initiative aimed to forge a unique brand identity that, while adhering to RE/MAX's corporate brand standards, distinguished them within the competitive Manitoba market.

We embarked on the design and development of a modern, responsive website custom-built to serve the dual purpose of highlighting their agents and featuring their extensive listings of residential and commercial properties. Understanding the importance of a cohesive visual brand identity, we undertook the significant task of photographing new headshots for 90 agents. This effort was crucial to ensure absolute consistency across agent profiles on the website, thereby enhancing the professional appeal of the brokerage.

The rebranding and website revamp were complemented by a comprehensive multichannel marketing campaign. This strategy spanned out-of-home (OOH) advertising, digital marketing, and social media platforms, designed to maximize reach and engagement. We produced captivating video ads to spearhead this campaign, alongside the launch of new social media accounts, ensuring a fresh and dynamic online presence for RE/MAX Performance.

A pivotal element of our strategy was securing the unique URL: This choice of domain not only aligned perfectly with the brokerage's name but also encapsulated the essence of their brand promise - to outperform in every aspect of their service.

Through this multifaceted approach, we successfully repositioned RE/MAX Performance in the Manitoba real estate market. The modernized brand identity, enhanced digital footprint, and strategic marketing efforts collectively served to elevate the brokerage's profile, attract high-caliber agents, and engage a broader audience of potential clients. This project stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful branding and strategic marketing in transforming real estate brokerages into market leaders.

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