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Loudspace embarked on a challenging yet rewarding journey with Manitoba Fitness (MB Fitness), aiming to rejuvenate interest and encourage gym attendance during the precarious times of late 2021 & early 2022. With the shadow of the pandemic looming large and significantly impacting gym attendances across Manitoba, MB Fitness was poised to confront these challenges head-on, seeking innovative solutions to reignite the community's passion for fitness and wellness.

Our strategy was underpinned by an exhaustive research phase. Understanding that the pandemic had shifted consumer behaviors and perceptions towards physical fitness spaces, we delved deep into market analysis. This involved gathering data on consumer sentiment, closely monitoring trends within the fitness industry during the pandemic, and identifying key motivators and barriers influencing gym attendance. Through surveys, focus groups, and analyzing social media conversations, Loudspace gleaned valuable insights into what the community valued most about gym environments and what apprehensions they had about returning.

Armed with this comprehensive market understanding, we crafted a campaign that was both empathetic and motivating. The core message centered around the irreplaceable benefits of a healthy regimen, including the unique advantages of working out in a gym setting — such as access to professional equipment, the community aspect, and the support from trainers and fellow gym-goers. This messaging was carefully designed to resonate with fitness enthusiasts' intrinsic motivations and address any hesitations by emphasizing the health and safety measures in place at MB Fitness facilities.

The campaign's execution was multifaceted, utilizing a blend of digital and traditional marketing channels to ensure widespread reach and engagement. With a significant digital footprint, the campaign achieved over 3 million impressions and garnered more than 400,000 engagements across various social media platforms. This digital strategy was complemented by a 40-day Out-of-Home advertising flight, leveraging billboards and public transit ads to maintain top-of-mind awareness among the target demographic.

A highlight of the campaign was the innovative contest designed to drive engagement and participation. By offering participants a chance to win their gym membership paid for, we tapped into the community's competitive spirit and further incentivized gym attendance. This contest alone attracted over 200 entries, demonstrating the campaign's effectiveness in engaging the audience.

The campaign's success was a testament to Loudspace's strategic approach, combining in-depth market research with creative and targeted messaging. By understanding the audience's needs and concerns, we were able to craft a campaign that not only spoke to them on a personal level but also motivated them to take action. This holistic strategy ultimately paved the way for Manitoba Fitness to reconnect with its community, inspiring a resurgence in gym attendance and fostering a renewed commitment to health and wellness among Manitobans.

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