We Fix Credit

We Fix Credit Lead Generation Campaign

Website Development, Social Media, Video Advertising, Machine Learning, A/B Testing

We Fix Credit was in search of a new method of lead generation to their auto financing division. The company had spent enormous amounts of money on in-the-box solutions, purchasing leads from national lead generation entities.

The decision was made to create all the assets & campaign materials they would need to bring their efforts in-house.

We decided to create a new domain name complete with a custom landing page. We then created a series of micro-animated ads for social media, and developed a sophisticated digital campaign structure utilizing both Facebook & Google's machine learning technology. Throughout the campaign, we also employed the use of several A/B testing experiments to increase the conversions on site by 80%.

The results of the campaign yielded a 400% increase in lead generation, and an 90% reduction in cost per acquisition, leading the client to re-evaluate their spend with the original provider.

Website Development

Video Production

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