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Aqua-Tech, Bathroom Renovation Campaign
Jan 2019

Website Development, Video Production, Micro Ads, Social Media, Digital Advertising, Analytics & Tracking, Lead Generation

Loudspace was tasked with elevating Aqua-Tech's Bathroom Renovation Event through targeted campaign materials. Our strategy kicked off with the design of a custom landing page, optimized for lead generation, which served as the cornerstone of our digital outreach. To amplify impact, we crafted digital ad campaigns that featured micro video ads, harnessing the power of concise, engaging content to capture audience attention.

Embracing the latest in machine learning technology, we deployed dynamic ad creative across Facebook and Google’s platforms. This approach allowed us to test and rotate a variety of videos, images, and headlines, ensuring that our content remained fresh and highly targeted. The innovative use of dynamic creative optimization significantly enhanced ad performance, leading to results that quadrupled Aqua-Tech's expectations.

This campaign not only marked a major success for our team but also showcased our ability to leverage cutting-edge technology and creative strategies to drive exceptional outcomes for our clients.

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